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Talent Management

Talent Management Build, scale, and manage your team, all in one place. Request a quote Talk to an expert Automate your job search Stay top of mind with top talent Make informed hiring decisions Simplify the onboarding process Your dream candidates are out there. We can help you find them. Our easy-to-use platform and real-time…

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Five Payroll Security Measures You Need To Make Today

Payroll Security

1. Change Your Procedures You can protect your company from breaches by changing your HR policies, outsourcing payroll calculations, training employees in online security matters and using a password-protected system. Conducting regular audits is essential to catch ghost employees, hour padding and people clocking in or out for their friends. It’s important to update your…

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Paid Sick Leave Regulations: What an Employer Has to Know

Paid Sick Leave

Only 11 states and Washington D.C. have laws requiring employers pay employees for a specific number of sick days each year. The 11 states are: 1. Arizona 2. California 3. Connecticut 4. Maryland 5. Massachusetts 6. Michigan 7. New Jersey 8. Oregon 9. Rhode Island 10. Vermont 11. Washington In Connecticut and Maryland companies employing…

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Termination Checklist and Guidelines for Employers

Termination Checklist and Guidelines for Employers Termination is never an easy part of a manager’s job. However, the steps you take beforehand can reduce the difficulty and the company’s possible exposure to wrongful termination lawsuits. HR experts agree that firing an employee shouldn’t come out of the blue. Termination should be the final step in…

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8 Ways Unemployment Claims Affect Your Business

unemployment claims

8 Ways Unemployment Claims Affect Your Business Unemployment claims is a small source of income for employees who were laid off from their workplaces through no fault of their own. It is paid by state governments from unemployment taxes collected from their respective employers. The ex-employee makes a request to the labor office citing unlawful…

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Should I Fight An Unemployment Claim?

Unemployment Claims

Should I Fight An Unemployment Claim? If a former employee of yours files for unemployment, one factor that can affect whether they receive unemployment benefits is if you contest their claim. Should you contest it, then it will be up to your state’s employment department to decide if the employee has a right to unemployment…

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