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Why Zuma?

Helping every small business succeed.

Our story starts with you.

Zuma was started in 2006 to give every small business leader an easy way to take care of payroll. We've grown our commitment since, offering a complete suite of payroll technology alongside personalized support that gives every business the opportunity to meet their full potential. From startups to some of the nation's fastest growing businesses, we're helping our clients succeed on their own terms.

Meet our team.

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Chris Caputo

Chief Executive Officer

Chris runs the day to day operations at Zuma. As an Entrepreneur for over 15 years, Chris has a belief that a business’s greatest asset is its people. He has developed Zuma Payroll & Processing with that in mind. Investing heavily in quality team members, on-going training, technology and a collaborative work environment has allowed Zuma to grow at an unprecedented rate in the Payroll and HCM space.

Scott Evans - Co-Founder

Scott Evans


Scott Evans is the Co-Founder of Zuma. Scott has been a serial entrepreneur his whole life. He is a person who has always overcome obstacles to succeed. As somebody with a strong desire to keep learning, Scott invest much of his spare time in self-development of both the body and mind. He currently studies in Sandler Business Training and stays fit with CrossFit and Boxing.

Human Resources

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Meg Reilly


Kelli_Fleming 150x150

Kelli Fleming

Marietta _Jones 1x1

Marietta Jones

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Nikki Krauss

Ravi_Singh 1x1 - Web

Ravi Singh

Andrea_Wirth 1x1 - Web

Andrea Wirth


Violeta_Ailincia 1x1

Violeta Ailincai

Jessica_Czarnecki 1x1- Web

Jessica Czarnecki

Alisa_McMahon 1x1 - web

Alisa McMahon

Payroll Specialist

Frieda_Albert 1x1

Frieda Albert

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Tiffany Aponte


Michael Day


Charles Giannino

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Debby McQueeney

Sophia_Ricketts 1x1 - Web

Sophia Ricketts


Kerrie Scalia

Katie_Sliker 1x1 - Web

Katie Sliker

David_Tomaiko 1x1 - Web

Dave Tomaiko

Gerry_Williams 1x1 - Web

Gerry Williams



Kari Anne Lalli


Dennis_D'Andrea 1x1 - Web

Dennis D'Andrea


Venise Hendershott

Jan_Hernstat 1x1 - Web

Jan Hernstat

Larry Horner 1x1 - Web

Larry Horner


Joe LaRocca


Don Rivera

Leigh_Schuckman 1x1 - Web

Leigh Schuckman


TJ Sirani

Bernard _Soto 1x1 - Web

Bernard Soto


Carli_Caputo 1x1 - Web

Carli Caputo


Margaret Matos


Andrew _Pelis 1x1 - Web

Andrew Pelis

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Dave Rogerson

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