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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Flexible employee benefits, without the paperwork. Request a quote Talk to an expert Zero administration burden Simple processes and automated reporting Real-time reporting you can trust Budget and business-friendly plans Enrolling in benefits doesn’t have to be painful. We can give you the support you need to help employees find and enroll in…

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Paid Sick Leave Regulations: What an Employer Has to Know

Paid Sick Leave

Only 11 states and Washington D.C. have laws requiring employers pay employees for a specific number of sick days each year. The 11 states are: 1. Arizona 2. California 3. Connecticut 4. Maryland 5. Massachusetts 6. Michigan 7. New Jersey 8. Oregon 9. Rhode Island 10. Vermont 11. Washington In Connecticut and Maryland companies employing…

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Does Your Business Need Sexual Harassment Training?

Does Your Business Need Sexual Harassment Training? In New York State, there are now new laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. This new legislation was signed into law on August 12, 2019. Governor Cuomo’s new legislation strengthened the state’s current laws regarding harassment and discrimination, which will have an impact on employers in the…

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Termination Checklist and Guidelines for Employers

Termination Checklist and Guidelines for Employers Termination is never an easy part of a manager’s job. However, the steps you take beforehand can reduce the difficulty and the company’s possible exposure to wrongful termination lawsuits. HR experts agree that firing an employee shouldn’t come out of the blue. Termination should be the final step in…

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Is It Illegal To Pay My Employees Late?

Simple Payroll

Is It Illegal To Pay My Employees Late? Following the law regarding employee pay is important to avoid lawsuits and costly penalties. It is illegal to pay your employees late, and doing so could result in legal action. Here’s what you need to know about late payment of employees. Federal Law Regarding Late Payment The…

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Effectively Handling Employee Complaints

Employee Complaints

Effectively Handling Employee Complaints It is a truism that not all people can be pleased, at least not easily or without some backlash in reply. This situation could not be even truer in the employer-employee relationship. Even the most smoothly-running workplace experiences situations where employees are dissatisfied with certain aspects of how their employer operates.…

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Employee Loans, Good Idea or Bad?

Employee Loans

Employee Loans, Good Idea or Bad? There is nothing unusual about an employee asking their employer for a loan, especially when faced with an emergency or financial hardship. Most employees prefer borrowing money from their employers as opposed to going for bank loans. This is attributable to the fact that the majority of businesses offer…

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