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Employee Benefits

Flexible employee benefits, without the paperwork.

Zero administration burden

Simple processes and automated reporting

Real-time reporting you can trust

Budget and business-friendly plans

Enrolling in benefits doesn't have to be painful.

We can give you the support you need to help employees find and enroll in the plan that's right for them.

Give your team immediate access to benefit changes

Share updates directly with insurance carriers

Leverage easy-to-use, built-in ACA and COBRA tools

Automate reporting and meet time-critical deadlines

Get easy access to HR, payroll, & benefits information

Ensure accurate, real-time reporting

Reduce unnecessary spending

Monitor eligibility stats and thresholds

Whether you're about to make your first hire or your hundredth, Zuma makes it's easy to get new employees up and running in minutes.


Business solutions

Simplify benefits administration and enrollment.

Let us handle the administrative work so you can focus on your business.

Google review

"Zuma is truly the best all around payroll service and you cannot beat there prices. They have great customer service and the HR department they offer for larger companies is unbelievably useful. Highly recommended."

Cynthia Bourassa

Custom benefit plans

Build the benefit plan that's right for you.

Meet your workforce's needs with a tailored plan that can help you get the most out of your HR resources.


Seamless enrollment

Get clear visibility into benefit plan options.

Create your own seamless, self-service benefits enrollment process that gives employees easy access to the best benefit plan options. 

Avoid costly mistakes

Enable real-time data exports and sharing.

Say "goodbye" to errors caused by data exports and reduce the time you
spend dealing with those pesky exceptions and last-minute corrections.


Make employee benefits your biggest competitive advantage.

Get more ways to provide value with less redundancy, fewer errors, no risk, and deeper analytics.

Get started with Zuma.

Onboard, pay, and support your employees with Zuma's easy-to-use platform.