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New York State to Eliminate Tip Credit by 2021

Tip Jar
New York State to Eliminate Tip Credit by 2021 Beginning in 2021, New York employers will no longer be able to pay their employees below the minimum wage and take a tip credit for tips that are received by the workers to satisfy wage requirements. This applies to all employers who are covered by New York’s Miscellaneous Industries and Occupations Wage Order, which requires workers to be paid th...
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7 Ways to Cut Expenses For Your Small Business

Cut Business Expenses
7 Ways to Cut Expenses For Your Small Business Running a small business is no doubt a risky job, especially just starting out. However, no matter the risk, you’ll always want to continue seeking out extra money you can put towards the healthy future of your company. Even if you can’t totally get rid of costs, there are still plenty of ways you can cut costs that won’t greatly impact the way your ...
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5 Networking Tips For Small Business Owners

Small Business Networking
5 Networking Tips For Small Business Owners Networking is an essential skill that small business owners should take time to master because of the intrinsic benefits associated with established new industry connections and leads. While some individuals are blessed with the innate ability to socialize and connect with others seemingly effortlessly, others must make a focused effort to get out there...
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LLC vs. S Corp – Which One is Right for You?

Corporate Law
LLC vs. S Corp - Which One is Right for You? So you have finally decided to start your own business - Congratulations! Now is the time to make some very important decisions before you move forward in the formation of your company. One of the most important and impactful decisions you will make is in regards to the legal structure of your company. While there are several options to consider, inclu...
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Selecting a Good Accountant

Selecting a Good Accountant As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you've likely been doing your own accounting or taxes since the inception of your firm. As your company grows, however, you'll need to hire an expert who will be able to help you save money as well as keep you out of financial trouble or hot water with the IRS. While you might be knowledgeable enough to do basic accounting, t...
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Growing Your Construction Business

How to grow your construction business Wouldn't it be great if growing your construction company was as easy as swinging a hammer and knocking some nails into a piece of wood? And while hammering nails and taking down or putting up walls are integral parts of the construction business, it takes more than that to establish and maintain a successful business in this highly competitive industry. ...
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Employee Handbook, What Should I Include?

Employee Handbook
Employee Handbooks, What Should I Include? If you are a business owner or a store manager, you are not going to be able to get away from the concept of the employee handbook. You will most likely be the one to hire the new workers and get them prepared to work up to company standards. The employee handbook is perhaps one of the most important pieces of material next to the pay check. It is a "wor...
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How The Work Opportunity Tax Credit Can Help Business Owners

Work Opportunity Tax Credit
How The Work Opportunity Tax Credit Can Help Business Owners The Work Opportunity Tax Credit offers incentives to small business owners when they hire people from specific groups. This allows businesses to limit their tax liabilities, which can in turn positively affect their bottom line. Their resources can then be invested in the company and employees instead of in taxes. Additionally, employer...
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Marketing Your Small Business Online

Online Marketing
Marketing your small business online Small business plays a huge part in our communities, economy, and everyday lives. They are so important, in fact, that about 65% of new jobs are created by small businesses. There are tons if small businesses out there specializing in everything from car repair to website design. In this fast-paced world with so many small businesses to choose from, how can yo...
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Growing Your Restaurant Business

Growing Your Restaurant
Steps to Growing Your Restaurant Business Your restaurant is doing well, but you feel that it could be even more successful with just a few changes. You just don't quite know where to begin the process of stimulating sales. Following are some tips and suggestions on increasing your customer counts and plate averages at your business: Stay Abreast of New Trends Always be in the know as to what t...
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