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Looking for a job in New York? Keep These 3 Tips in Mind.

Looking for a job in New York? Keep These 3 Tips in Mind.

While New York state offers 7 million private sector jobs and several hundred thousand federal jobs, the unemployment rate is stubbornly stagnant at about 6.5%. This varies from places to places across the state. Most the unemployed live in the five boroughs of New York City. For many young budding job seekers, the state offers an excellent opportunity to jumpstart their careers. However, for every one person who gets or retains a job, many others struggle even to land a gig. There are several practices that can put you ahead of the pack.


1. Take short courses.

You may have graduated with an excellent GPA, but just about everyone else in New York State also did. So once you identify a niche that you want to pursue, then sign up for a short course in that field. The best part about the state is not only does it have lots of colleges it also has short forums and paid seminars that last a few days to a few weeks. Make sure the course is as market friendly and as practical as possible.

2. Tailor Your Resume.

No two jobs are the same even if they are in the same industry. Each firm has their own way in which roles and job specifications play out. So before sending your resume, make sure you tailor it to fit with the job that you are applying. Tailoring your resume has a way of setting you up as the most qualified or the best fit for that job. One other issue is that you must send out your resume to tens of firms if possible. But even as you do that keep your focus on a few companies.

3. Learn How To Handle Interviews.

An interview is an art, master it. Remember the modern-day interviews are structured for more than just paperwork. You must do background research on the company culture, salary scale and even growth opportunities. There are lots of content that you can use to prepare yourself to face the panel. While a few firms have moved to from the panel style interviews, most of them are still stuck on it. You have a very short window to make a huge and lasting impression with this bunch of strangers you’ve just met sitting across the table.


1. Be social.

No matter how introverted you are, social relationships are what will get you ahead in New York State. Attend all forums, summits, parties, networking events and galas that are related to your industry. While there, make sure you reach out to people. It’s more effective if you focus on two to three people per event rather than try to work the room. If you can work the room and get everyone’s attention, then so much the better. If you are shy or reserved, then pick the person who is also as laid back as you are. Chat with the person on a one-on-one rather than getting into groups. Build friendships wherever you go.

2. Learn To Follow Through.

One of the mistakes most people make after a social or networking event is that they don’t follow through. Some try to, but can’t find a way to ace at it. First always send an email, text or phone call thanking the person for the pleasant interaction reminding them your names and what you do. In that first call or email remind them something interesting that they mentioned. For example, if they mentioned a sick child or upcoming project then inquire how they are faring along.

3. Be visible.

In a state like New York State with its large towns you just must learn to stand out from the masses. Reticence or shyness just won’t get you anywhere. Take every occasion to provide demonstrable value to those around you. Never sit behind your computer all day long simply sending resumes or simply behind your desk at work. One of the best ways of standing out and being visible is dressing smart, putting on a smile and learning to read moods and occasions. Be bold and be colorful if you must be but don’t get lost in the masses.

Be Creative

1. Take Up Leadership Opportunities.

In New York State there are hundreds of opportunities every single day for you to step up and provide leadership. You should mainly focus on the opportunities in the industry that you are in or you are targeting. For example, if you want to get into the marketing industry you can take up lobbying for a piece of legislation that is coming up. The other alternative is to join the many social initiatives and campaigns going on in your industry and offering to provide guidance.

2. Submit Proposals.

In your interactions in the city, you might have noticed certain gaps in your favorite firms or industry in general. One of the ways of lowering your unemployment rate is to step up and offer proposals on how things could be improved upon. Rarely does anyone get turned down by their bosses if they are providing value to the firm and the industry. That’s why you have to be inventive and always take in the trends and revolutions going on around you. Make yourself indispensable to your firm and the industry in general.

3. Befriend Movers and Shakers.

It’s one thing to go out and network around New York State events. It’s a whole different ballgame to join the clique of the high and mighty. Those who move things and make decisions. Persuade them, charm them, convince them but get within a talking distance of their clique. Never leave your career fate to chance. Own it and always reinvent yourself to match where the firm, market or industry is going.

If you already have a job, then making yourself indispensable will significantly lower our unemployment rate. If you haven’t gotten a job yet, then having proper papers, working your personality, and making bold decisions will get you back to work sooner. As the market cycles shorten and unemployment rates inch upwards the need to master these tricks will grow even more urgent.