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Finding and Hiring Quality Employees

Finding and Hiring Quality Employees

It’s always important for a company to hire the best possible employees. The costs involved with hiring quality workers could be as much as 149 percent of their annual salary. If a company needs non-exempt workers, they are looking at a high turnover rate. Employment experts estimate the turnover rate for non-exempt workers is as much as three times greater than employees who are exempt. Turnover is a serious drain on a company’s profitability.

Job Description

One of the first steps in hiring quality individuals is to have a very accurate job description. It needs to provide all of the important details associated with work experience and qualifications. It should clearly state the required skills as well as personality traits essential for being successful when working in the position. This seems basic, but many companies don’t do a good job of it. They may fail to update requirements for a position or fail to clearly describe the job duties. If not done correctly, this could waste time. It could result in frustration from the company as well as individuals who apply for the position.

Employee Referrals

It is possible that many people associated with a business will know a qualified candidate for an open position. Vendors are a wealth of information about potential employees. In their business, they will meet with individuals from a variety of different companies. It’s also possible to request a referral from a standout employee. This can turn out to be a great resource for finding quality workers. They may know people from previous employment situations that would be interested. Also, workers could have friends and family members who have the necessary skills and experience. Some companies offer rewards as well as bonuses to any employee who refers someone the company ends up hiring.

Recruitment Flexibility

It is important for a company to make it as easy as possible for qualified applicants to learn about their open positions and apply. When a company limits the time they accept applications or take phone calls about positions to their regular business hours, the people they need to hire could be discouraged. Many of these individuals may currently be employed by other companies. A business benefits with hiring when its willing to extend its hours for accepting applications and adapt their interview process to an applicant’s availability. Many companies have had success with a 24-hour job hotline that provides information about the company’s open positions. Some businesses have increased their connection with high-quality applicants by as much as 50 percent using this method.

Effective Phone Use

It is important a company is able to successfully screen a candidate by phone. This begins by developing a number of important phone-screening questions. These are questions proven to help quickly determine if a candidate is qualified. It also makes it possible to eliminate unqualified candidates. Having a consistent set of questions is important. These are things that can lead to a successful face-to-face interview. It also is a good way to make certain candidates are being equally evaluated.

Social Media

It’s important to use the hiring benefits associated with social media. There are general posting sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and others. It’s also possible for a company to use a job posting website specific to their industry. PRWeek is an excellent place to seek public relations professionals. Stack Overflow is a great place to attract engineers; Dice is a good place to look for developers, data analysts and more. Sites such as LinkedIn enables a company to create a profile and publish content as well as post job openings. It’s also possible to pay for LinkedIn Recruiter, which will enable a company to view LinkedIn profiles of possible candidates. These searches can be adjusted to show specified locations, job titles, current employment and more.

Company Search

Most companies search for people to fill job openings within a company from its current workers. It is possible for individuals responsible for hiring to create a profile of ideal candidates for key positions within the company. These profiles can be used to review the work history of individuals such as district managers, team leaders and people in other positions. In order to succeed, a profile of workers must be maintained. This profile must identify their education, skills, and experience. It’s also possible to request recommendations from managers and supervisors.


It’s important when trying to hire quality workers to make certain the wages and benefits being offered are competitive. A business needs to offer the best wages and benefits they can. Doing this is essential in specialized industries such as engineering, technology, finance and others. These are industries where intense competition exists among companies to hire the top available talent. Staying current on wages will be based on an industry and location. The cost of living can be very different from a large city to a rural town. There are sites that can assist. PayScale and Glassdoor provide information about what other companies in a specific industry are paying workers in similar positions.

Employment Agencies

There are companies who may not have the resources necessary for conducting an effective hiring search. They may seek the services of an employment agency. These are professionals at vetting and recruiting candidates for a specific industry. They are able to share their experience with a company when determining what kind of employee is desired for a position. They can acquire a list of potential workers and carefully screen the applicants. Employment agencies can do this for part-time, temporary or even full-time positions.


Research into the process of hiring individuals found that failures detected in new workers could have resulted from mistakes during the interview process. Over 80 percent of the over 4,900 managers surveyed admitted to being guilty of a flawed interview. They were often too pressed for time, lacked confidence in their abilities to conduct an interview and more. It’s important the right questions be asked. Certain responses could lead to red flags. It’s beneficial to conduct at least two interviews. Serious issues may not be revealed during the first one.