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Top Reasons Why Your Company needs to Stay Up-to-Date on Marketing, Cloud Technology, and Social Media

Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs To Stay Up-to-Date On Marketing, Cloud Technology, And Social Media

One of the most exciting business opportunities of our time is the notion that there are almost 2 billion users using applications like Facebook. Because there are so many people that are part of the online community, it is pretty important for companies to keep up with the latest marketing, cloud technology, and social website trends so that they can take advantage of the existing opportunities.

Here are some of the top reasons why your company should stay abreast of marketing, cloud technology, and social media:

Marketing reasons

Online marketing moves fast. 2 years ago, if you were selling content for use with marketing and utilizing Google, the rules for how well the content needed to be written to be ranked highly were much different than they are today. Today, if you have perfect content with fewer keywords and less attention to direct sales of a company product, your article will be ranked higher than it would be.

If you blink, you might miss some of that as your company continues to move forward. Another reason to stay in tune with marketing changes is that campaigns that are run online tend to be a bit like mass media campaigns of old. Once a trend is over, it is best to change methodologies in order to provide the appearance that your firm is doing something fresh and new.

Working in the cloud reasons

Cloud computing is constantly evolving so that you can get better at what you do while you work online. 5 years ago, there were still companies that were not using the cloud with their servers. Today, most organizations host their employee productivity applications online so that they can be accessed from anywhere.

One good reason to continue to keep up with cloud technology is that when it comes to architecture, a simple shift can put your company at a major disadvantage compared to your competitors. When online retailers that were big box shifted over to same day in-store delivery of items that were in stock. It naturally was important for them to be able to ensure that the items they thought were in stock were actually in stock. They managed to upgrade their systems to reflect this online and so you can see the available items as a user in real-time. If your company sells online today and does not have this feature or a sense of whether your inventory is in stock, people might not feel as confident using you.

Social media

Social websites are also a very important space to understand constantly. If you are targeting young people that are under 18, you may find that they do not use Facebook that often. Instead, they tend use Snapchat and Instagram.

Features change as well. On Twitter, using a hashtag and a retweet, you can run a script that reaches a very large audience in a short time, something that wasn’t always that obvious in the past. With Facebook, if you have administration rights on your company’s image page, you will know that they are also a firm that tends to make a lot of feature changes over time so that you can get the best information possible.

Finally, on social media, one of the largest things you need to watch for is how the audience is actually reacting to marketing and sales campaigns in general. People will say that the Facebook audience in urban North America is a little bit jaded when it comes to traditional promotional campaigns and liking company pages because they have already gone through a pretty large learning curve. There are people that recommend running campaigns in other countries that have newer Facebook users in order to get a lot of likes from those people as your campaign gets underway. Once countries that have a lot of experience see that you have gathered quite a few likes, then it is more acceptable for experienced people to feel comfortable liking your page when they like it.

Interestingly enough, that current dynamic has lead to a whole class of marketing people that provide false likes that fulfill your campaign goals. After the campaign, they fade away. The downside there is that you may end up with some of the likes that liked you during the campaign starting to drop out of your company page over time without a real reason.

Staying abreast of cloud trends and social software sites is one of the more important jobs that you could be doing for your firm as a manager. In addition to being able to pull raw data from most website partners that you show your company on, you can also avail yourself of SEO consultants that crossover into strategic management. In addition, there are several blogs that are currently written by Internet marketing experts that can help you to see the trends without having to pay on a regular basis.