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5 Ways to use Twitter and Facebook for Marketing

5 Ways to use Twitter and Facebook for Marketing

Using social media for marketing is a no-brainer for a lot of people. It is easy to see the benefits of doing something like this almost immediately. After all, social media is where so many people are these days. It would be a shame if your brand was not also right there in the mix. The question is: How can you use Twitter and Facebook effectively for marketing?

Using Twitter Lists

Twitter is great for micro-targeting particular types of people. It is easy to search through the tidal wave of tweets to find people talking about specific things or ideas. You can weed through those to find the individuals who are chatting about things that are relevant to the products your business sells.

Once those people have been identified, follow them to try to gain them as a follower yourself. If they follow you back, then you will want to add them to a custom list of followers. Those lists are something you should work on to make sure you categorize people into certain groups that you may then market to. Remember, different groups have different interests, and it is best to give a customized pitch to each and every group.

Make Your Profile Picture Stand Out

It doesn’t matter if you are using Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media website, you need to have a profile picture that stands out. The obvious option is to use your company logo. If the logo is unique enough, that is all the more thinking you really need to do on the matter. However, if your logo is lacking in the creativity department, then you should consider alternatives.

The problem with using too generic of a profile picture is that it gets lost in the social media feeds of your followers. They might want to locate what you are talking about, but they don’t have the opportunity to do so because they are having difficulty locating your comments.

Make Your Bio Fun To Read

Believe it or not, people actually often do take the time to read bios. It should be a quick little blurb about exactly what it is that you are all about. If you execute it well, it will stand out in the minds of everyone who reads it.

There are some things that you should avoid in your bio. They are as follows:

  • Blatantly Promotional Material
  • Boring Company History
  • Overly Personal Information
  • Anything Unbecoming
  • Something That Does Not Match The Vibe Of The Company

There really are some considerations to make when writing up that little bio. Just because it is meant to be short and sweet does not mean that you should take that as invite to give it no thought.

On Twitter Be Careful Who You Follow

Following a lot of Twitter accounts blindly may be tempting, but you should not do it. A lot of companies have made this mistake in the past in the hopes of getting their follower numbers up. There are a couple of problems with this strategy though. The first issue is that you are not screening out enough to know which people may truly be interested in your brand, and which are just following back automatically. The other major problem with this is that you could end up following some really bad accounts.

Twitter does not do much in the way of screening out who they allow on the site. You will want to review the types of tweets an account has put out there before following them. They could be a very bad account intent on tweeting nonsense that is either annoying or even potentially malicious. Bare this in mind when working on your follow strategy for marketing purposes.

Consider The Role Of Giveaways

Handing out free product may sound like a terrible idea to some people, but it is really not all bad. In reality, giving customers a little free sample of what you have to offer can make them much more interested in buying more from you.

Studies have shown that giving someone something for free can make them feel that they owe you something. If your social media followers sign up to get some free promotional items from you, they then may feel some responsibility to patronize your shop in the future. At the very least, they are likely to spread the word to others about your products.

Giveaways should be held rather infrequently both to maximize the value of each one that you do, but also because you want to save money by not giving away the shop all the time.

Show Creativity In How To Use Your Products

Want a social media post that actually gets some attention? Why not try showing off for your fans a little? A great way to do that is to show a unique way that the public can use your product. In other words, you show them how to put your product to use in a way that they have not thought of before to really blow their minds.

Sometimes just a little unique touch on what the public was already doing with the product is all that is necessary. Put it out as a photo or video and watch the shares pile up.

Ask For Ratings, Reviews, And Feedback

People online like to hear what others have to say about a product before making a judgement call themselves. It may sound strange, but that is just how the modern e-commernce world works. It doesn’t matter if the person leaving the review is a complete stranger, just getting the backing of another person online can help persuade others to make the purchase.

You should ask people to review and rate your company and its products. Also, open the doors to feedback from customers in general. Not only are they very likely to provide you with some, but they might just have a suggestion that you can really bank on. Since these are the people who buy your product already, they are definitely worth listening to about