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How Australia Makes Taxing Fringe Benefits So Simple

How Australia Makes Taxing Fringe Benefits So Simple The fringe benefits tax is a tax levied on benefits provided by your employer. This tax is separate from income tax that is assessed on an employee's regular salary. Companies have treated fringe benefits more liberally in the past before the tax code changed. Many companies legally avoided the fringe benefits tax by including those benefits wi...
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How to Effectively Manage Gen X vs. Millennial Employees

Managing Employees
How to Effectively Manage Gen X vs. Millennial Employees Many business owners are looking for ways to get the younger generations to change their work ethic and behavior. As an effective manager, it is important to understand who you are managing and that comes down to identifying all the unique needs of all the generations that make up your workforce. Different generational groups have differ...
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Conducting a job interview, best practices

Conducting a job interview, best practices Good interviewing doesn't always lead to a good hire, but observing sound practices can get you a lot closer to finding the best fit for the job. Good interviewing is about asking the right questions to determine the best candidate, but it's a two-way street that's also about presentation of your company culture. Of course, it's also about observing anti...
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How Insurance Agents Can Compete With PEO’s

How Insurance Agents Can Gain An Edge Over PEO's We should first look at the advantages and disadvantages of a PEO for us to find out how an insurance agent can compete with a PEO. This means that an insurance agent should capitalize on the shortcomings of a PEO and should offer the same benefits that a PEO offers. A professional employer organization (PEO) is a firm that can outsource various ta...
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Selecting a Good Accountant

Selecting a Good Accountant As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you've likely been doing your own accounting or taxes since the inception of your firm. As your company grows, however, you'll need to hire an expert who will be able to help you save money as well as keep you out of financial trouble or hot water with the IRS. While you might be knowledgeable enough to do basic accounting, t...
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Growing Your Construction Business

How to grow your construction business Wouldn't it be great if growing your construction company was as easy as swinging a hammer and knocking some nails into a piece of wood? And while hammering nails and taking down or putting up walls are integral parts of the construction business, it takes more than that to establish and maintain a successful business in this highly competitive industry. ...
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How to be a Leader, Not a Boss

How to be a Leader, Not a Boss For some people, being "the boss" simply means supervising and delegating tasks to their employees. At best, these bosses meet their basic requirements--that of a literal "manager." However, very few people who utilize this style of management can truly be called "leaders." If your own personal leadership style isn't effective and inspiring to the people on your ...
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Employee Handbook, What Should I Include?

Employee Handbook
Employee Handbooks, What Should I Include? If you are a business owner or a store manager, you are not going to be able to get away from the concept of the employee handbook. You will most likely be the one to hire the new workers and get them prepared to work up to company standards. The employee handbook is perhaps one of the most important pieces of material next to the pay check. It is a "wor...
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Selecting The Right Payroll Provider

Selecting The Right Payroll Provider
Selecting The Right Payroll Provider As a business owner, there are a ton of things that you may be handling on your own. From product development and audience testing to marketing and customer service, running a business is a tall order. Luckily, some things can be easily outsourced, so long as you find the right provider to meet your needs. Using a payroll service can save you a lot of time, mo...
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How The Work Opportunity Tax Credit Can Help Business Owners

Work Opportunity Tax Credit
How The Work Opportunity Tax Credit Can Help Business Owners The Work Opportunity Tax Credit offers incentives to small business owners when they hire people from specific groups. This allows businesses to limit their tax liabilities, which can in turn positively affect their bottom line. Their resources can then be invested in the company and employees instead of in taxes. Additionally, employer...
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