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401(k) Program

Grow your business with a smart, flexible 401(k) plan.

Offer competitive
401(k) benefits

Get the benefits of group coverage

Recruit and retain world-class talent

Access tax breaks and deductions

Invest in your team with financial benefits that contribute to a healthier, happier workplace.

We can help you leverage the benefits of group participation to provide a cost-effective, turnkey 401(k) employee program.

Let the professionals handle your 401(k) for you

Avoid legal and compliance concerns

Unlock price reductions as you grow your team

Reduce work, responsibilities, and liabilities

Give your business the fiduciary protection you need

Sync your 401(k) plan to your payroll

Help employees reach their financial goals

Secure top talent with meaningful benefits


Exclusively for Zuma clients

Partner with a nationally recognized leader in retirement planning.

To offer your team the most comprehensive benefits possible, we partnered with Lincoln Financial to provide a cost-effective and easy way for you to implement a 401(k) program without taking on extra fiduciary and administrative responsibilities in the process.

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"Zuma has been nothing short of exceptional. They are amazing at answering questions and concerns and have always serviced us beyond expectations. As a business owner I am happy to call Zuma a partner that we can depend on."

Serafino DeSimone

Create a tailored 401(k) plan for your business and people.

Take retirement from concept to reality with Zuma.

Get started with Zuma.

Onboard, pay, and support your employees with Zuma's easy-to-use platform.