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Tax Credits

Find out if you're eligible for Employee Retention Credits

Determine your eligibility in minutes

Get access to the maximum amount

Streamline the application process

Know you're doing it right

This year, we've helped hundreds of businesses file claims for millions of dollars.

Getting started is easy.


Talk to an expert

Talk to a Zuma representative who can help you determine your eligibility within minutes.


Claim your credit

Our team will help you streamline the application process so you can claim your credits.


Get money back

Once your application is submitted, you may receive cash back in as few as 10 weeks. 

If you were partially or fully shutdown during the pandemic due to government restrictions OR had a significant drop in revenue, you may qualify for as much as $5,000 per employee in 2020 and $21,000 per employee in 2021.

Is my company eligible for ERC?

Most companies are, including: 

Companies that already received a PPP loan

Businesses in the private sector

501(c)3 nonprofit organizations

Companies that recently furloughed employees

The Employee Retention Credit is often worth more than your PPP loan.

Thanks to new legislation, now you can get both.


I already received a PPP loan. Will I still qualify for this?

Yes! Thanks to recent legislation that was just passed–now businesses can claim both the PPP and Employee Retention Credit.

What if my company actually grew during the pandemic?

That's great! If you grew, but experienced a full or partial suspension, there are still expenses that may qualify you for Employee Retention Credit. 

I'm a charity. Does this apply to us?

It certainly does. If you're a church, nonprofit hospital, museums, etc. then the Employee Retention Credit can be a great opportunity for you to get access to free money. 

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