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Pay-Go Worker's Compensation

Give your business and team the coverage they deserve.

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Improve your business' cash flow

Provide payment flexibility

Improve your audit experience

Save your business time and money

Pay-Go is a pay-as-you-go billing solution for your worker's compensation coverage.

Pay your workers' compensation premiums as you run payroll, making it easier than ever to manage cash flow.

No down payments or deposits required

Calculate premiums on payroll, each pay period

Get competitive rates from multiple companies

Automatically debit premiums

No monthly or quarterly insurance audit reports

Minimal audit adjustments without extra paperwork

Save your company time and money

Manage cash flow with ease

Not interested in switching brokers? No problem! Zuma doesn't sell insurance which means we can work with your current broker on applying a pay-as-you-go billing solution that works for you.

Google review

"Partnering with Zuma Payroll has finally made it possible for my Insurance Agency to compete with ADP, Paychex & PEO's Pay as You Go Workers Comp Billing Program"

Al Stanco

Pay-as-you-go workers compensation insurance

Brokers, interested in learning more?

Schedule an appointment to learn how we can help you stay competitive, forecast payroll for workers comp, audits, and renewals, and provide pay go billion for all carriers–event N.Y.S.I.F.

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Get real-time support for your workers comp billing, payroll & HR services.

Grow your business with broker friendly pay-as-you-go workers
compensation insurance.

Get started with Zuma.

Onboard, pay, and support your employees with Zuma's easy-to-use platform.