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Human Resources

HR that's good for your team and your bottom line.

Avoid costly compliance mistakes

Future-proof your business

Get real-time support when you need it

Work with certified HR professionals

You worked hard to get your business to where it is today.

Don't put it all at risk because of expensive compliance mistakes.

The average employment lawsuit costs $125,000

A bad hire can result in $50,000 in lost revenue

A violation of the ADA can cost $75,000

Each OSHA violation can be a $7,000 fine

ACA penalties start at $2,000 per employee

Each mistake on the Form I-9 can cost $1,000

A Fair Labor Standards Act violation is $1,000

A violation of the ACA can cost $500,000

HR can be challenging for any business leader. When you switch to Zuma, we give you the HR tools and expert advice you need to navigate employment lawsuits, health care reform, employee handbooks, hiring, retention, compliance, and more.

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"I love that I get immediate responses to all my questions, endless support, and Zuma's website is an excellent tool for all my Human Resource needs!"

Jennifer Villasante

When it comes to HR, go with the professionals you can trust.

Each training and on-demand module is developed by our HR professionals, giving you insights you won't find anywhere else.

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