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Hiring & Onboarding

Recruit, hire, and train your dream team.

Seamless onboarding, start to finish

Simple and easy-to-use workflows

Real-time communication

Customizable onboarding tools

The onboarding process is your employee's first experience with your company.

Make it one they remember.

Simplify the onboarding experience

Get rid of never-ending paperwork

Make it easier to grow your team

Keep new employees from feeling lost

Get your new-hires up and running quickly

Collaborate with your hiring team in real-time

Eliminate repetitive and confusing processes

Sign, share, and store your documents online

Whether you're about to make your first hire or your hundredth, Zuma makes it's easy to get new employees up and running in minutes.

Onboarding self-service

Save time with simple onboarding tools.

Make it easy for new hires to enter and verify their data, helping you avoid duplicate entries and improving data accuracy.


Google review

"We have recommended Zuma to other business owners and will continue to do so. Their level of competence and helpfulness can’t be understated. They are a pleasure to work with."

Daniel Gilley


Customizable onboarding tools

Humanize the hiring and onboarding process.

Create a welcoming environment for your new team members with a smooth and customizable onboarding process.

Documentation capture and management

Make it easy to hire the best talent.

Seamlessly manage all new hire documentation, including I-9 employment verification and e-Verify, so you can focus on people–not paperwork.


Invest in your most valuable asset, you're people.

Put the humanity back into Human Resources, starting with the hiring and onboarding process.

Get started with Zuma.

Onboard, pay, and support your employees with Zuma's easy-to-use platform.